I Wanted You To See What Real Courage Is

Do you know how thirsty we are to have a real leader, someone who can speak about policy, who can humanize statistics, who.

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Many want to share. As they speak, you can see their faces light up as they are.

Then comes the hardest part of leadership, courage. Courage is the capacity to do the right thing when you.

This is just not real. It’s a different.

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they say they want to change, but their behavior tells the real.

Nevertheless, the uncertainty around these “what ifs” takes away your courage and confidence to go and make that move, even.

Five years ago, I was in the middle of reporting a column for the Forward in which I researched, experienced, and wrote about.

To be human. Don’t worry there’s a happy ending – I am sure you all have answers of a kind. I find myself moving very quickly away from logic. Being human for me is a weird.

Looking back, though, I can see that some of the most important growth I’ve had in therapy actually happened when I stopped.