What Does If Applicable Mean

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Beyond the corporate bailout, the inclusion of cash benefits, extended unemployment pay, and federal zero-interest loans will.

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That means if and when a Premier League team plays in any applicable competition (so that.

however this could mean that there are a number of game weeks that will subsequently become double.

Someone will ask on my social media, “What does this mean for my claim?” But it’s very fact specific.

A: I would say to do.

While the statute establishing the program is clear on the duties of the State Comptroller to intercept state aid, it is silent on timing or other program mechanics that would govern the timeliness of.

Moody’s downgrades DTEK Energy’s CFR to Ca following suspension of coupon payments; outlook developing – If the company does not pay the interest due on its bank loans on 31 March.

and/or Moody’s Analytics Australia Pty Ltd ABN 94 105 136 972 AFSL 383569 (as applicable). This document is intended to.

The guarantee does not satisfy one of Moody’s core principles of Credit.

336969 and/or Moody’s Analytics Australia Pty Ltd ABN 94 105 136 972 AFSL 383569 (as applicable). This document is intended.

What does this mean for renters and landlords? Community Legal Assistance Society lawyer Holly.

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“It is trying to provide funding where the market may be wary of providing financing and seeking to provide it at the same rates that would have been applicable prior to the covid-19 crisis.